Essential Oil Educator | Marv’s Bio
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I am Marv Johnson and I used to be a Natural Health Skeptic.

I always knew natural, alternative health solutions were out there, I just didn’t bother to find out more. I grew up in California, and relied on the western-medicine I’d grown up with. I made it into my forties having so-so results, but then a revelation happened.


For decades I’d experienced a severe tendency towards cold sores. I found remedies through doctors, pharmacies, etc. Nothing helped, and I was open to suggestions. When my girlfriend gave me some doTERRA Essential Oil to try, I was frankly amazed at the results. The oil worked much better than any remedy I had tried in two decades. This seemingly small experience sparked a profound interest in both the Essential Oils and also educating others about them. I passionately believe that everyone deserves to know about these simple solutions and should have access to them.


The Essential Oil Educator Podcast was born from my desire to contribute to my community and beyond. Using the oils is simple, yet information and personal stories are key to learning more: how do others use them, and how do they work? How can we be sure of what we are getting in those bottles and what are the precautions we might be taking?


My own journey involved raising three kids and owning my own business, going through my forties feeling progressively exhausted and overworked. I neglected my body and found myself wanting to get my edge back. After that first experience with the cold sore, essential oils because a big tool in the process of regaining my health, stamina, and mental clarity.


Age is largely dependent upon how we take care of ourselves, outside and internal stressors, and mindset. I’ve learned to feel better and create profound changes in all areas of my life with health, mental clarity, relationship and connection, and business. It’s been a remarkable journey and I would love to share it with you.


I offer my stories and the stories of many other users, practitioners and scientists to inspire others to try a natural effective solution to their own health care.  Can these oils, with their complex chemical make-up, be of use to a society that seems to be getting unhealthier even as modern medicine SEEMS to be progressing? I believe the answer is yes.


Science Based Approach

Essential oils are an intriguing blend of ancient medicine and modern research. Try a search on and bring back thousands of scientific studies on, for instance, Frankincense Essential Oil, documenting positive outcomes.


If you have ever brought back a prescription from a doctors visit and wondered about the side effects and if there were options available, we have something in common. While doctors play an important role in our lives, and essential oils can’t be said to cure or treat illness, they have undeniable potential, as shown by research sites, and personal experience of thousands of individuals and families.


Learning to use essential oils is a process of informed self-care. Each individual is different and it takes guided experience and observation to learn how these tools may fit into your life. We offer guidance and direction for you in this process. Experience the empowerment of offering yourself or a loved one an effective tool to help the body to heal, whether from a virus, scrape, tired muscles, or emotional stress.

Professional Bio

I’ve been a professional photographer for 21 years, with thousands of published photographs in magazines, print ads, TV spots, and catalogues. I curated  large stock photography collections and placed them with top agencies around the world. Since 2012 I have been a Wellness Advocate with doTERRA International. I’ve done a vast amount of research and experimentation with diet, nutrition, exercise and health. The process of revitalizing my own health and leading others in that direction is very rewarding. Building a home-based business has been challenging in all the right ways and continues to be a source of personal growth.


Unprofessional Bio

Some of my role models are those who ask the best questions: teachers, coaches, hosts of popular radio shows and successful Podcasts.   Questions that always interest me are: What are you excited about? What’s your biggest challenge? When did you find yourself changing? Where are you going next?   In life, and in my Podcasts, I create a space for example, inspiration, connection and community. We can all find the greatest version of who we can be, through seeing where we are, seeing where we can go, and finding the tools and support to get there.

What I like

  • The Portland Timbers (MLS Soccer)
  • Paleo meals
  • Hiking in Yosemite National Park or the Oregon Cascades
  • Any stretch of coastline
  • Teenagers (I have two)
  • Yoga
  • Traveling

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