Essential Oil Educator | EOE 036 Jen Mavros, Mindset Coach
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EOE 036 Jen Mavros, Mindset Coach

In this episodes you will hear conversations and ideas about

Coming from a space of vulnerability.

Introverted tendencies.

Meditation, and energy work

Jen Macros has outlined everything that she wants to accomplish.

Her desire is to be in a place to give more to her community.

Defining your future self: getting clear with who you are that you want to step into. Who you want to be. How you show up in the world.  What does a future you/me look like.

How quickly things unfold and happen once clarity and vision is created.

Jen’s work is: Coaching mindset, working on limiting beliefs, and helping others design their own life.  She works with people who know they want to do more, people who want to grow their business and grow themselves.

“All of us are divine beings, and we are manifesting all of time, whether we realize it or not.”

Steps of manifestation:

  1. Make a choice.
  2. Get clear about what that looks like.
  3.  Thing might happen in unexpected ways.



Important authors:

Wayne Dyer

Louise Haye

Les Brown

Lisa Nichols

Stepping into leadership

Jen’s Website and online programs: – My signature program, Inward – my next online program, coming soon, Outward

To be the best version of yourself: realize your own power and magnificence.

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