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EOE 034 Danielle Daniel

If someone is consider using essential oils to support brain performance and function one should consider a very high quality essential oil. Like high quality food it will make a big difference.

Purity and potency are the most important factors determining high quality essential oils.

As with plants essential oils are very effective interacting with human chemistry.

Dr. Daniel Penoel: French Aromatherapist

Essential oils help healthy brain function: They are protective against free radicals that are disruptive to neurotransmitters and other brain chemistry.

Aromatic Use supports emotions, moods, and neurochemistry.

Topical: Occipital point, pulse points on the front of the neck, temples, bottom of the feet and the big toe center.

Internally: Communication between the gut and the brain is huge. Positive digestive aid. Citrus oils in the water.

Some oils to effect mood and bring one to a space of thinking positively: Frankincense, Citruses, Clary Sage, Rosemary.

Some oils to support memory and focus: Peppermint with Orange, Frankincense.

How to properly use essential oils throughout the day. How often and how much.

95% of our brain is driven by the non-conscious.

Your belief system is housed in the non-conscious part of your brain and it is tied to every outcome in your life.

“What you believe is what you perceive.”

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