Essential Oil Educator | EOE 032 Derek Loudermilk, The Art of Adventure
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EOE 032 Derek Loudermilk, The Art of Adventure

In this interview with Podcast Host, Derek Loudermilk you will learn:

Derek’s definition of Adventure.

The evolutionary development of Adventure and how that leads to progress.

What does courage have to do with it?

What does risk have to do with it?

Adventure is not just physical but it is also an emotional challenge.

The relationship between Adventure and Health.

Some physical reactions to fasting.

What is the key ingredient to being an entrepreneur?

Adventure and team building.

Adventure, failing, and decision making.

How to be a leader and NOT be a perfect person.

Inherent in Adventure is comfortableness with making mistakes.

A tool for  achieving the next level in your progression.

How adventure can speed up your learning process.

Eleven Rings by Phil Jackson for insights into team building

Mindset by Carol Dweck

“Your success in life is determined by the difficult conversations you are willing to have.”

The Art of Adventure Podcast

Adventure is making yourself the hero of your own story.

Immerse yourself in your subject of curiosity

The first step in the journey of a hero is getting mentors and getting tools that can help you along the way.

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