Essential Oil Educator | EOE 030 Dorine Nafziger, Cooking With Essential Oils
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EOE 030 Dorine Nafziger, Cooking With Essential Oils

In this Episode you will learn: What is the difference between surviving and thriving.

The link between the most mundane bowl of oatmeal and nourishment to our soul.

Why food can be integral to the structure of a family.

How “everything in life is digestion”.

What do food and humor have in common.

A diet to support yourself to be the best version of who you are can be.

How essential oils are similar to food. How to effect change in a very potent way.

How to take something that is full of side effects and turn it into something full of benefits.

A great “Mocktail” recipe.

The Grin and Tonic: One or two drops of Juniper Berry essential oil, one or two drops of Lime essential oil, mixed with your favorite unflavored sparkling water.

Guidelines for combining aromatic essential oils and food.

Common go to essential oils for cooking.

Transform you morning beverage.

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Dorine’s message about the power of essential oils.

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