Essential Oil Educator | EOE 027 Dr. Tyler Keliiheleua
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EOE 027 Dr. Tyler Keliiheleua

Dr. K describes the importance of health education and his mission to empower families with knowledge about their wellness for today and in their futures.

He tells us about his new clinic and education center and his mission of teaching important life-long lifestyle changes that have a profound benefit towards one’s health.

What is a Naturopathic doctor…

“We face a lot of chronic disease in the country, and we know that chronic disease is not a result of lack of medication or procedures.”

Nutrition is the foundational component of  health.

Dr keliiheleua’s daily habits that he uses to determine his own health today and in the future.

Some major bodily systems that essential oils can support.

Toxicity has a huge impact on Health. Essential oils with water has a synergistic effect.

How are essential oils changing the way people care for themselves and their family members.

How essential oils are increasing peoples awareness of how their bodies truly work.

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