Essential Oil Educator | EOE 026 Dr. Susan Lawton
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EOE 026 Dr. Susan Lawton

In This Episode You will Learn:

Susan’s most interesting job was…..

Learn how our thoughts affect our mood and behavior.

The thought, mood, behavior, biology chain.

Many different ways our thought patterns affect our physiology.

What it means to live in an alkaline environment. The multitude of health benefits this creates.

How essential oils can support the body.

How essential oils and bacteria interact with each other.

The power of the spoken word and intention and how that creates comfort with one’s choices.

The origin of one’s self perception and the powerful impact that has on the course of a life.

How to focus on the unlimited power of human potential.

The effect on sugar on mood, pains, aches and bad feelings.

The rapid positive change and development of essential oil use.

Some of unique characteristics of Frankincense essential oil.

Dr. Lawton’s Mission: Helping people to understand their virtues….

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