Essential Oil Educator | EOE 033 Emotional Wellness For Children
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EOE 033 Emotional Wellness For Children

Education Specialists Jodi Marcus and Sujata Soni Wipper teaching about supporting the emotional life of children to set kids up for a future thriving and growth.

“The brain is a beautiful thing and it takes care of the most important needs first.” Jodi Marcus

In this episode you will learn

Self esteem comes from growth…

Modeling coping strategies.

About creating awareness of one’s emotions.

Discipline = managing what comes up (feelings) for the adults in the child’s life.

Tools adults can employ to help children regulate their emotions.

How to use essential oils as tools both at home and in the classroom to support children on an emotional level.

Using movement and mindset work to create and environment for learning.

Books and Resources

Mindset  by Carol Dweck

Discipline Without Damage by Vanessa Lapointe

Zones of Regulation

Yoga Calm

The Whole Brain Child  by Dr. Dan Siegel and Tina Payne Bryson

Smart but Scatterred by Dr. Peg Dawson and Richard Guare

Ready Set Relax by Jeffrey Allen, M.Ed and Roger Klein, PsyD

The Explosive Child by Dr. Ross W Greene

Conscious Discipline Dr. Becky Bailey   


Aha Parenting 

Hand in Hand Parenting


Emotional Wellness for Children

This episode is sponsored by presentTERRA

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